Airing the classics like Frazier, Roseann, Commish, and 3rd Rock From The Sun. Trusted news and weather from WeatherNation, OAN News, American Voice News and Newsnet 24/7.

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30 Days of Christmas

The season of gift-giving begins. KAGW is partnering with local businesses to give away $25 gift cards to your favorite spots! We will be giving away a gift card a day from November 20th to December 20th!

Our Channels


A national network bringing viewers America’s most beloved and iconic television series, hit movies and original programming brought to you by the NBC Owned Television Stations.

Channel 26.1


The first African American broadcast network, featuring a programming mix of theatrical motion pictures, sporting events, documentaries, specials, inspirational faith-based programs and more.

Channel 26.2


"Great TV shows I know and love". "Comforting, nostalgic programs I enjoyed and I'm re-discovering". "So many episodes I and never saw missed".

Channel 26.3

Classic Rerun TV

Great television from the 50's through the 70's.

Channel 26.4


Christian Broadcasting Network. News and faith based programming from around the world.

Channel 26.5


A pop culture time capsule – an unending celebration where viewers can play along to some of North America’s vast portfolio of more than 40,000 iconic game show episodes.

Channel 26.6

The Grio

A free premium network that brings you award winning movies, contemporary comedy and classic TV shows focused on the African American community.

Channel 26.7


An all-new television network with movies and series that are daring, sexy and anchored in stories of true crime, drama and mystery. Enjoy TV series and movies that will help you slip away.

Channel 26.8

Weather Nation

Weather. It's what we do. WeatherNation is all weather all the time. 24/7 covering all current weather events.

Channel 26.9


OANN is a new credible source for national and international headlines. An independent, cutting edge platform for political discussions.

Channel 26.10

Real Americas Voice

America's voice is your 24/7 news and entertainment network. Just real news & honest views!

Channel 26.11

News Net

News Net is 24/7 all news all the time network. News without an agenda from around the world and around our nation. Look for local news and weather coming soon.

Channel 26.12

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