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Have you wanted to use TV advertising, and while you know statistics prove it is the number one advertising medium you think it is just too expensive or your scared off becuase you have never made a TV commercial.
We have great news!
KGPT 26 Specializes in working with the new TV advertiser. We offer a turn key advertising plan; designed to make the process affordable, easy and effective. We will write a script, video, music and voice over for a powerful spot.


Looking to advertise on our channels? KGPT 26 is Wichita’s only purely local television station. Whether your already advertising on T.V. or you are new to it, we have great opportunities to grow your business.

KGPT 26 is the area’s number one advertising value.

With 10 great channels, offering ratings proven programming you’re advertising dollars will bring you a return on your investment like no other.​

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